Bilateral with Onsite Director

(Mount Holyoke College, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

 If you come to Montpellier through the exchange programs with Mount Holyoke College, the University of Minnesota or the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Onsite directors will be responsible for you. Your primary contacts will be respectively Amy Loth (MHC), Françoise Chaton (UMN) and Carol Huber (UNC).

Please consult this page regularly for updates

1) Application and documents

Your application first needs to be approved by your home university. You then need to complete the following procedures.

Moveonline: you have to fill in the Moveonline Registration by April 15 for the Fall semester and Full year, by October 15 for the Spring semester. This will complete your application and generate your acceptance letter.

Please register here
ATTENTION: there may be a small problem with the generation process when submitting the registration. You will receive an email  confirming that you have completed and submitted your registration even though the generating process message goes on.

Documents (to be found and uploaded on the Moveonline procedure)

 To complete your “dossier d’inscription” to give to the Relations Internationales’ Office, we need to bring with you:

  • 1 copy of your passport;
  • 1 copy of your visa (with the stamp of the day of arrival);
  • 2 ID pictures at least. You will be asked for ID pictures if you stay in the dorms, etc;
  • The OFII form, if you were given one by the Embassy. You have to fill in your part.

The documents the list of which has been given above will be used for:

  • Registration at UPVM and health insurance: when you arrive, you have to register with us at the university. French law requires all students staying in France to be covered by the French Social Security, the national health system, so as to ensure medical coverage. The students must enroll in the French “Sécurité Sociale” as well as the “Vie étudiante”. This health coverage will be included in the invoice that will be sent to the home university and will not have to be paid for by the student.

For more information, see “Miscellaneous and FAQ

  •  Visa OFII: because of new visa regulations, it is no longer necessary to obtain the “carte de séjour / residency permit”. For more information about documents needed, please consult this link: Our office will bring your dossier at the OFII.

For more information, see “Miscellaneous and FAQ”

  • Bank: once you arrive in Montpellier, you may be asked to open a French bank account. This procedure will be delt with with your Onsite Director’s Office.

For more information, see “Miscellaneous and FAQ”

2) Calendar and arrival


Calendar 2016-17

3) Orientation (mandatory) and courses


Fall semester Orientation

  • Academic orientation and administrative orientation: Septembre 6, 2016,  2:30 pm – Building B room 309

Spring semester Orientation

  • Academic orientation and administrative orientation: January 4 2017, 2:30 pm – Building B room 309


To choose your classes at the university (“Integrated classes”), go to: “Etudier à Montpellier” “Formations de l’UPVM”. You can also go to  “Registration and courses”.

To choose your Support courses (“Cours RI”), have the detailed description and timetable, go to “Registration and courses”.

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