Bilateral Exchange Students

(Inter-University Agreements with RMIT (Melbourne), University of Victoria, University of Delhi, University of Cape Town, Emory University)

Please consult this page regularly for updates


Your application first needs to be approved by your home university. You then need to complete the following procedures.


Application Form: once your application has been approved by your home university, the Application Form has to be emailed to us by your coordinator by April 15 for the Fall semester and Full year, by October 1 for the Spring semester.
*The Application Form has to include the provisional course request list for regular university courses.

Handwritten Application Form will be rejected.  Please fill in the Word document directly.

Download the Application Form

Moveonline: you have to fill in the Moveonline registration by May 5 and send an email to ( confirming that you have filled the registration. This will complete your application and generate your acceptance letter.
Please register here  Document B1  Document B2

Interlog: Interlog is the housing registration process that you have to complete by June 15. This procedure is complete when you have paid, online, a safety deposit (caution) of about 230€. Interlog will secure you a room at the cite universitaire (see Housing and Meals).


To be sent by email ( by June 15:

The safety deposit reimbursement form, filled in by your bank in your home country, except for the box in grey to be left blank.
Handwritten safety deposit reimbursement form will be rejected. Please fill in the Word document directly.

Download the safety deposit reimbursement form

To be sent by email ( by June 15:

The W9 Form is a document asked by the US government for the opening of your French bank account. Use this form only if you are a US person (including a resident alien) to provide your correct TIN.

Download the W9 form

To bring with you at the first meeting (mandatory):

Upon arrival, you will have to provide:

  • 5 copies of your passport;
  • 5 copies of your visa (with the stamp of the day of arrival);
  • 5 ID pictures;
  • The OFII form, if you were given one by the Ambassy. You have to fill in your part.

The documents the list of which has been given above will be used for:

  • Registration at UPV and health insurance: When you arrive, you have to register with us at the university. French law requires all students staying in France to be covered by the French Social Security, the national health system, so as to ensure medical coverage. The students must enroll in the French “Sécurité Sociale” (211€ for 2013-14) as well as the “Vie étudiante” (5€10 for 2013-14). It cannot be paid in cash (payment instructions are provided during orientation). It MUST be carried out during registration.

For more information, see « Miscellaneous and FAQ »

For more information, see « Miscellaneous and FAQ »

  • Bank: once you arrive in Montpellier, it will be mandatory for you to open a French bank account with our partner LCL bank. The bank account will provide you with a housing insurance at the more than competitive price of 1€ for the year. The insurance is mandatory when living in an apartment, at the dorms or in a home stay. We will help you open your bank account during orientation.

For more information, see « Miscellaneous and FAQ »





Monday September 8, 2014 – Saturday December 20, 2014
Fall holidays: Saturday  October 25, 2014 – Sunday November 2nd 2014 
Retake session: Friday January 16, 2015 – Saturday January 24, 2015


Winter holidays: Saturday  December 20, 2014 – Thursday January 15, 2015



Monday January 26 2015 – Saturday May 11, 2015
February holidays: Sunday February 15, 2015 – Sunday February 22, 2015
Easter holidays: Sunday April 19, 2015 – Sunday April 26, 2015
Retake session: Monday June 1, 2015 – Tuesday June 9, 2015


Fall semester arrival

  • You have to be in Montpellier on Monday September 1, 2014. No pick up is organized but we need to have the details of your arrival in Montpellier. Please send the “Arrival document in Montpellier” which will contain all your arrival details (airport or train station, company, provenance and flight number, precise time) as soon as possible to  by July 1.

Download the Arrival document in Montpellier

Spring Pre-session

You have to arrive in Montpellier between January 16 and 18, 2015 at the latest. No pick up is organized but we need to have the details of your arrival in Montpellier. Please send the “Arrival document in Montpellier” which will contain all your arrival details (airport or train station, company, provenance and flight number, precise time) as soon as possible to  by December 1.

Download the Arrival document in Montpellier


Fall semester Orientation

  • Administrative and academic orientation, including the opening of the French bank account: Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 9.30 am, room 112, B building;

ATTENTION: All students will be required to go to the special individual sessions for choosing / finalizing the choice of courses.
You will be told what slot will be yours when you are in Montpellier.

Spring semester Orientation

  • Administrative meeting: Tuesday January 20, 2015 at 2pm, room Préfa 8 (opening of a French bank account, among other things);
  • Academic meeting: Wednesday January 21, 2015 at 2pm, room Préfa 8;
  • Sessions to finalize the choice of courses: Friday January 23 from 1.30pm, room H227.


To choose your classes at the university (“Integrated classes”), go to: “Etudier à Montpellier” > “Formations de l’UPV”. You can also go to “Miscellaneous and FAQ”.



* You must indicate on your Application form if you intend to live in a dorm, or find a flat share or a homestay;
*Any late withdrawals will be charged a penalty of 100€.

There are various options available as far as accommodation is concerned:

  • Dorms: around 230€ /month with a security deposit of the same amount;
  • *Private apartment: approximately 400€ (your responsibility);
  • **Full Family Homestay: around 650€, breakfast and dinner included;
  • **Boarding family: between 350€ and 450€ (no meals included);

*Please note however that accommodation has become challenging in Montpellier and finding housing remains your responsibility.

**We can help you with finding a family through our contacts.

Interlog : For the ones among you who request a dorm there will be a special online procedure at this address:

We will let you know about it in due time. You will have to pay particular attention so that you complete the whole registration process on Interlog (both for the semester and for the year student). You will be given a code so that you can register for a room. Document C

Meals in the dorms

As for the meals, you can either do your own cooking or eat in one of the “Restaurants Universitaires” (about 3€ per meal). In the dorms, please note that pots and pans are not provided. Kitchen is shared.

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